Are Social Media “Friendships” Real? New Study Says “Yes”

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Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are great for amassing connections… but do these connections create and maintain true friendships?

Some say social media connections are just too easy these days – and have lost meaning.

Are digital connections, such as being “friends” on Facebook, actually real friendships?   Or, as some argue, are digital connections actually taking away from time spent interacting with good, old-fashion, face-to-face friends?

A new study by email marketing firm ExactTarget suggests that while a few people miss out on real-world interactions because of excessive Facebooking and Twittering, most are actually meeting more face-to-face thanks to these social tools.

ExactTarget says that 27% of Facebook users meet friends in person more, while only 13% meet them less. And looking at Twitter, the results are even more pronounced – 46% meet friends in person more and 7% meet them less. Hence, social recommendations can quickly turn into real world ones too.

What do you think?

Do you use social platforms to create face-to-face interactions?  Or do you find yourself easily getting lost in the digital world?

If you are curious about how social media platforms might help you create more real connections, email ( or call (317-340-9715) me anytime.

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